Agency Success Stories

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Independent insurance agents who are Advantage subscribers are getting results. Hear from real agents, sharing real success stories about why they never compete without an Advantage!

Ray Berry: RCB Insurance Services, Inc., Illinois

"With real-time referrals from Claim It, a feature of Advantage Pro, I get a constant stream of referrals all day, which are sent as a text to my cell phone and email.” He notes that referrals from his Advantage Pro subscription have been very good, and more than he can produce from advertising on his own. “I am a small operation, so I take advantage of all the Trusted Choice programs that fit me best. I would recommend to other agents because it’s easy to write accounts and you see progress right away,” said Ray. RCB reports writing referrals with Progressive, Safeco, Travelers and Foremost, among other major insurance companies.

Josh Richardson:, Florida

Josh Richardson from YourEAdvisor Agency reports that they have written a variety of personal lines policies from their Advantage profile on, including homeowners accounts as high as $6,000 in premium. Josh says he would definitely recommend to other agents, especially if they are just starting out. “It’s great to help get the word out to online buyers looking for an independent agent. With the leads you get, it’s crazy not to do it”, says Josh. writes referrals with Velocity, Progressive, Safeco, Mercury, Western World and GeoVera Specialty insurance companies.

Doug Harr: Harr and Associates Insurance Inc., Florida

"I would definitely recommend’s referral program. We average about 10 to 12 opportunities a month, with our largest written account about $20,000 in premium for a commercial auto policy. We’ve been getting leads since August 2015 and just added commercial referrals as the program has certainly paid off for us—participating is really a no-brainer." Harr and Associates Insurance Inc. writes referral business with Progressive, Travelers, Mercury, Safeco, and The Hartford.

Chris Grimont: CGI Insurance Group, Florida

" definitely works. Since subscribing, I’ve received good quality leads and written a wide range of coverages. I’m very happy with the referrals, along with the branding and recognition—it’s definitely been worth the investment. I’m also using Claim It (a real-time consumer referral option), which is pretty neat." CGI writes referrals with Progressive, National General, Guard and Berkshire Hathaway.

Taylor Butler: Butler Buckley Deets, Florida

"Of the accounts we’ve written from referrals, we recently picked up a medical center account for $32,000 in premium. Aside from the revenue we generate from referrals, I’d absolutely recommend it because the more involved independent agencies can be in the marketplace, the better." Butler Buckley Deets noted The Hartford, Nationwide, Travelers, Liberty Mutual and TCI as their primary insurance company partners.

Dianna Phillipp: Morris & Reynolds Insurance, Florida

"We’re very happy with the results we’ve seen from our subscription. We’ve written quality accounts from ranging from $5,000 to $7,000 in premium, plus a recent account written for $12,000 in premium. In addition, we also see real value as a sales tool for new producer training." Morris & Reynolds Insurance reports writing referrals with Chubb, AIG, Aetna, Progressive and Travelers.

Makeli Scholer: AMS Insurance, Nevada

"We’re really happy with the referrals we get through We get quite a few opportunities to write new business and have won accounts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 in premium, so our return on investment is well over the cost of the service. For us, it’s been a great relationship and the brand ‘Trusted Choice’ really sells itself, so I definitely recommend to other agents." AMS partners with Acuity, Travelers, Safeco, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual and AM Trust insurance companies.

Nicole Marcus: The Marcus Group, Florida

"Anyone not using should be, as we’ve had great success with good quality referrals, especially for commercial inquiries. We close nearly 85 to 95 percent of the business, with written premiums ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. With the investment I make in, I get 10 times the amount back in business each month—it’s worth every single penny." Marcus Group reports writing referrals with Tower Hill, St. Johns, Universal Property & Casualty, Travelers, Progressive, Mercury and Infinity.

Chuck Greenberg: Insurance Connections, New York

"Chuck has had good success with, especially, in his case, with commercial auto accounts. He noted one win for $9,000 in premium and another for $27,000. Chuck said, “One of the things does well is live phone transfer of insurance buyers on nights and weekends, which is another opportunity to show customers what we do well, simply by being available. Our return on investment started early on, and with the accounts we’ve written easily covering our costs in the program…for several years ahead.” Insurance Connections reports placing accounts with Travelers, Progressive, National General and Safeco.

Soffie McKinney: Mcghee Insurance, Arkansas

"On average, we write about 3 new accounts monthly from with average premium values around $2800. Working with is a great way for agencies to get their name out there and attract new business opportunities, so I’d absolutely recommend it." McGehee Agency cites writing referrals with Auto Owners and Progressive insurance companies.

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