Agency Success Stories

This is why we do what we do!

Independent insurance agents who are Advantage subscribers are getting results. Hear from real agents, sharing real success stories about why they never compete without an Advantage!

John Sweeney: John R. Sweeney Insurance Agency, Massachusetts

The John R. Sweeney agency relies on to drive new business opportunities. “The referrals we get are buyers looking for a very specific need. My staff is very good at finding out what they really need and we’re able to sell the whole account. What starts out as a small opportunity can often turn into a $4,000 to $5,000 premium,” said owner John Sweeney. John also appreciates helps his online visibility. “We’re a small agency with 14 competitors in the area. With, my agency’s online ranking is at the top page, helping consumers to easily find me. I recommend because it supports what agents do and leads to referrals — if agents act quickly.” The John R. Sweeney Insurance Agency writes referral business with MAPFRE, Plymouth Rock, Union, Providence, National, Grange, Safeco, Foremost, Concord and Metropolitan insurance companies.

Stephen Lyons: Lyons Insurance Inc., Louisiana

The Lyons Insurance agency writes mostly personal lines through referrals, noting the investment has been a good one. According to the agency owner, Stephen, “We’re writing business that’s getting more than 100% return on our investment, so I would recommend…and the more time you put into it, the better the result.” Lyons Insurance Inc. writes referrals with Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Travelers and The Hanover.

Bill Abbott: Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency, New Jersey

Since subscribing to the Advantage digital marketing program, Bill reports that of the referrals he receives from, the largest account he’s written to date was $114,000 in premium. He notes, “The ROI of the monthly subscription and lead purchase is 3X the amount I’ve spent, not even considering the larger accounts I’ve written. I would recommend it to other agents simply because they’re at a disadvantage without it.” Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency writes referrals with Preferred Mutual, AmTrust, Access Franklin Mutual, Farmers of Leamington and Farmers of Salem.

Eli Gillespie: Gillespie Insurance Services, California

Commenting on the value of his Advantage subscription, Eli notes, “My two largest accounts to date from referrals were a contractor in my commercial niche, which had a written annual premium of $115,000, and a shopping complex that was about $85,000. If you look at the numbers, those two accounts alone have paid for my subscription for about 20 years!” Based on his results, Eli definitely recommends to other agents. Gillespie Insurance Services most frequently writes referrals with Nationwide, Travelers, Liberty Mutual and Guard.

Patrick Martin: Martin Insurance Group, Kansas

Patrick’s referral appetite is for personal lines accounts. He explains, “I’m looking to meet insurance buyers for home, auto, renter policies. When I first signed up for Advantage a few years ago, I wanted any lead that would come my way. At the end of the first year, I revaluated the ROI and decided to fine-tune my profile to attract just the types of leads that I wanted to write. Today, as soon as the lead comes in, I can sell the account within a day or two.” And a few months into 2019, Patrick notes he’s already covered the cost for the service for the year. Martin Insurance Group writes its referral business with Travelers, Safeco, Nationwide and State Auto.

Nancy Schmerbeck: Garrett Insurance, Texas

Nancy says she values both the referrals and residuals she gets as a benefit of her Advantage subscription. “I’m very excited about the leads from because I’m able to close them and turn them into more. In fact, I just closed a policy for a Baptist church, and I quoted a commercial policy that’s going to come in around $70,000.” Commenting on the ROI, she adds, “As long as we do a good job, beyond the value of the initial sale, residuals really pay off.” Garrett Insurance writes referrals with Southern Cross Mutual, Quirk & Company, Texas Mutual and Gateway.

Jack Shaw: Carolina Underwriters Insurance Agency, North Carolina

Jack Shaw of Carolina Underwriters Insurance Agency notes, “We have really appreciated the referrals from On the commercial side, referrals tend to be on the startup side, and our hit ratio has been excellent. On the personal lines side, Charlotte has a lot of new people moving into the area, and referrals from have been even more positive for us.” Commenting on the return on investment in the Advantage subscription program, Jack says, “I think it’s a been a win-win. I would recommend it, as it’s been very beneficial to us.” Carolina Underwriters Insurance Agency reports writing leads with Frankenmuth, Cincinnati, Selective Accident and State Auto insurance companies.

Dave Pellicano: A-Advantage Insurance, Florida

Dave Pellicano of A-Advantage Insurance, an independent agency located in central Florida, reports writing a fair amount of business by participating in’s Advantage referral program. Dave notes that the largest account he’s written was about $8,000 in premium, adding, “The return on investment in the referral program is good because od the reasonable cost compared to the business it leads to — it’s definitely a good value.” A-Advantage Insurance partners with Progressive, Hartford, AARP Safeco, Mercury and Foremost to write referral business.

Miles Merwin: Advisors Insurance Agency, South Carolina

By participating in’s Advantage program, Miles reports that his agency has written nearly $43,000 in premium. He notes that the return on investment in the program is five times the cost, overall, but branding is equally important. “When we first started out, partnering with Trusted Choice was a really easy way for us to get out there and build our brand.” Mile’s writes referrals with The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Guard, Travelers, Nationwide and Allstate.

Tonna Ritter: Lock Insurance, Florida

Tonna notes that her agency’s profile on attracts about five referrals a month, and they typically close two or three, “It’s well worth the cost, as we’re getting referrals that we wouldn’t have found us without it. She notes that feedback they get from insureds about the system is always positive, noting it’s easy for the consumer to share their insurance needs and for the agent to follow up. Lock Insurance writes referrals with United Property & Casualty, Universal, Florida Specialty and American Integrity, to name just a few.

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