Agency Success Stories

This is why we do what we do!

Independent insurance agents who are Advantage subscribers are getting results. Hear from real agents, sharing real success stories about why they never compete without an Advantage!

Edward Santos: Partners Agency & Associates, New Jersey

"On average, we receive 3 to 5 referrals a month from The largest account we’ve written to date was for an annual premium of $20,000, so the return on investment has been fabulous. I would absolutely recommend to other agents." Partners Agency & Associates cites writing policies with Progressive, Travelers, MetLife and Plymouth Rock.

Margaret Galewski: Galezano Insurance, Florida

"We’re have especially good success with commercial referrals, and we’re just about to close one for $15,000 in premium. is the front runner of our marketing program, which is why I’ve already referred to other independent agents. It brings in added value to our agency, hands down." Galezano Insurance reports writing business through Travelers, The Hartford, Olympus, United Property & Casualty and Federated National.

Mark Rogina: Wirtz Insurance Agency, Illinois

"We’ve written 15 or 20 accounts from referrals in the first year. One recent account premium was $28,000, so overall the service easily pays for itself. My favorite thing about is that it runs in the background, so I don’t need to put extra time and effort into managing it." Wirtz Insurance reports working primarily with Zurich, RT Specialty and RPS insurance companies.

Michael Rice: Karcher Agency, Michigan

"We write personal lines and commercial lines, and the written premiums from referrals have ranged from $1,000 to $25,000. I would absolutely recommend The program easily pays for the annual subscription and with the benefit of national branding, why not take advantage and get referrals?" Karcher Agency names Auto Owners, Citizen, Safeco and Frankenmuth as its primary insurance company partners.

John Dark: Dark Insurance Agency, Alabama

"Of the referrals we get from, we easily write about half the accounts. With premiums ranging from $2,000 to $20,000, our investment in the program easily pays for itself. I would absolutely recommend every Trusted Choice agent take advantage of the program, if they want to grow—it’s been a diamond in our crown." The Dark Insurance Agency reports writing business with the following insurance companies: Cincinnati, Auto Owners, Frankenmuth, The Hartford, Travelers, Penn National, EMC and Columbia.

Shane Burns: Burns Family Insurance Agency, Indiana

"Last year alone I wrote $60,000 in premiums through referrals. I can’t think of another lead source that we’ve invested in that gives us a better return. I definitely recommend to any independent agent. With the return on investment, it’d be silly not to partner with them." The Burns Family Insurance notes writing business with Liberty Mutual, Indiana Farmers, Grange and Nationwide.

Terry Laginess: Laginess Insurance Agency, Michigan

"With, we have a decent batting average writing new accounts to include small businesses and personal lines. The return on investment with is that they really help you grow your business—one recent account was a $6,500 premium. And I would recommend to other agents but I don’t really want anyone to know about it…because I want all the leads for myself!" Terry adds his agency writes business with Auto Owners, The Hartford and Progressive insurance companies.

Nicole Cassat: Leavitt Group, Washington

"In total, we’ve written $25,000 in new premiums with It keeps a steady flow of referrals coming in, so it’s been really great—especially for new producers because it gives them the ability to build a base while learning the business. There’s great value in because when people contact us, they are ready to buy." Nicole cites working with all the major insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Travelers and CNA.

Steve Day: Risk Managers Insurance Agency, Indiana

The referrals we get from are high quality. We’ve written many different types of business, with our largest premium around $30,000. We’ve had good success (as compared to similar services) and does a great job of representing the independent agency system. Risk Managers Insurance Agency partners with a host of insurance companies, including Travelers, Progressive and The Hartford.

Shane Davolt: GM Peters Insurance, Missouri

"We receive a variety of referrals from, with our largest written premium around $25,000 to $30,000. The ROI has got to be 1,000 percent, so it’s a no brainer for us. And I would totally recommend to other agents, but with one caveat… just don’t be in our area!" The GM Peters Insurance agency cites writing business with EMC, Travelers, The Hartford, Nationwide, Cincinnati, and United Fire, to name just a few.

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