John Sweeney: John R. Sweeney Insurance Agency, Massachusetts

The John R. Sweeney agency relies on to drive new business opportunities. “The referrals we get are buyers looking for a very specific need. My staff is very good at finding out what they really need and we’re able to sell the whole account. What starts out as a small opportunity can often turn into a $4,000 to $5,000 premium,” said owner John Sweeney. John also appreciates helps his online visibility. “We’re a small agency with 14 competitors in the area. With, my agency’s online ranking is at the top page, helping consumers to easily find me. I recommend because it supports what agents do and leads to referrals — if agents act quickly.” The John R. Sweeney Insurance Agency writes referral business with MAPFRE, Plymouth Rock, Union, Providence, National, Grange, Safeco, Foremost, Concord and Metropolitan insurance companies.